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Image by Casey Horner


Our vision began with an immeasurable admiration

for the natural world that collided with our passion for architecture.

With renewable technologies ever-present, we know a net zero future is achievable. Through design, our goal is to support these efforts while redefining the way we experience life outdoors.

"Without the universe we wouldn't have life.
Without this earth we wouldn't have diverse beauty." 

                                    -NEYP Founder


We may all have different lifestyles and interests, but the one thing we do share is our planet; this is our common ground. ​

Our company’s foundation was built out of love for our natural world. We are therefore committed to protecting it through what we do best- design. Our mission is to provide sustainable design solutions that connect us to our environments, protect our planet, and inspire individuals to discover life outdoors.

Fishing Boat
Wild Organic Shapes
Paints and Brush


As designers, we believe that we are in it together when it comes to building a greener future. Our team of trusted professionals bring you the world's best designs and materials of superior quality. Each brand we represent is carefully selected for product quality, use of sustainable materials, and ethical business practices. 

Image by Greg Rosenke

We know life is busy, but did you know even a few minutes in nature triggers a physiological response that lowers stress levels, stimulates productivity and encourages creativity? 

Let us take the lead and create a space where you can take a break from the busy world, and enjoy nature all year round.


and always remember...

HEALTH is the new WEALTH!


New England Yacht & Patio design team

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